Our History

Collier Primary School opened in 1948. Miss Elizabeth Mannion was the school’s first principal and there were a total of 61 students. The name was chosen because of the school’s proximity to the Collier Pine Plantation which was named after the Honourable Phillip Collier, a former Premier and Minister for Forests in Western Australia.

Old records list some of the deeds that led to an appearance in the Principal’s Office in the school’s foundation year:

  • Playing badminton in Room 3
  • Disturbing class by writing ‘I’m on strike’ on a large piece of paper
  • Breaking milk bottles for fun
  • Chasing the milk truck down the driveway
  • Writing indecent words in Scripture class
  • Left school grounds at lunch time. Found by Principal in Pine Plantation
  • Left schools grounds and went for a swim in the river
  • Stealing the Principal’s watch from Office table. Sold the watch to another boy for 63 cents
  • Booing dog catcher in the school yard

The school grew rapidly in the years to follow and by 1951 there were 439 students enrolled.

The school celebrated its 50th birthday in 1998. Mr Neil McPhail was the principal. The school held a Celebration Open Day to mark the occasion.

Collier Primary School is currently in its 66th year. There are 11 classes and a total of 238 students.